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Guidance on Banned Breeds using our field

Here at Happy Paws Pet Services, our insurance permits banned dog breeds including XL Bullies to use our field provided that all of the following conditions are met:

1. The dog is registered with the index of exempted dog (IED) and a copy of the life certificate is provided to us prior to use of the field.

2. A copy of the public liability insurance certificate for the dog is provided to us prior to use of the field.

3. The dog handler ratio is 1:1 with their handler at all times unless with other dogs from the same household.

4. The dog is Neutered – in line with Government Rules.

5. The dog is Micro Chipped.

6. The dog is kept on a lead and muzzled until the gate is shut when entering the field.

7. The dog is put back on a lead and muzzled before opening the gate to leave the field.

8. You can remove the lead and muzzle once inside the secured field.

9. If the household has more than 1 dog, they can come to the field together as long as they have a minimum of 1 handler. All dogs' leads and muzzles can be removed once in the field including the XL Bully.

10. If there are dogs from different households, the banned breed will need to remain muzzled and on a lead at all times with a 1:1 handler.

Happy Paws Pet Services has the responsibility to ensure that the field remains one with fully secure fencing. As with any appointments, owners must ensure that any gates are closed and locked when using the field.

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